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Welcome to DownHome Catering's
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DownHome Restaurant & Catering
9219 Stagecoach Road
Little Rock, AR 72210
Catering(501) 804-4330     Restaurant(501) 821-3344
Tori Tisdale-Morehart 

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Catering Hours are Anytime You Need To Feed, so please feel free to call our Catering line for  any & all last minute & special request catering events.

May 2018 Catering Specials

 $7.99 Meatloaf

Our meatloaf is done the DownHome way with fresh Angus beef, eggs, bell peppers, onions and our own blend of herbs and spices.  Itís topped with a zesty red sauce and cut per guest.  Served with 2 sides of your choice and a delicious soft baked yeast roll.

$8.50 Blackened Chicken Breast

We sear our juicy 7ounce chicken breast with a blackening seasoning until it forms that savory smoky crust.  Served with 2 sides of your choice and a fresh baked yeast roll.  

$9.50 Whiskey Chicken

We begin by covering bone-in chicken with a special blend of seasonings and butter.  We baked it low and slow until it pulls off the bone, then cover it with a blend of honey, butter, and a shot of whiskey.  The result is a delectable chicken covered in a sweet, smoky sauce thatís so good! Served with 2 sides of your choice and a house baked yeast roll.

All Specials Include 1 Gallon of Unsweet Tea.


This system has been created to make ordering your food and beverage requirements as easy as possible. We want to ensure that we are providing you with the very the best options for you to select from, so please let us know if there is something you do not see in our order guide. We will be happy to assist you at any time with placing your food and beverage orders. Simply call the catering sales office and an event planner will walk you through the on-line process.

We want to make every event, a special event!

NOTE: Delivery orders outside the Little Rock/North Little Rock area require a minimum of 25 persons. There will also be an additional delivery charge for orders outside the local area. Please call if you need more information before placing your order.


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